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Agate is a powerful stone that can help tone and strengthen the link between mind and body. It connects to the Crown Chakra. The wolf symbolizes a strong connection with your instincts or intuition.
Jasper is a stone of protection, courage, and determination. It is often used to facilitate dreaming stimulating creativity and imagination, transforming ideas into action. Green jasper connects to the heart Chakra.
Jasper connects you with your inner strength and courage. It amplifies the potency of your solar plexus, keeping you protected during spiritual practices such as deep meditation.
Rhyolite was given the name "streaming rock" because its beautiful layers were formed as lave flows onto the surface of the stone. It sparks creativity, self-realization, self-respect, and the capacity to love. Rhyolite connects to the crown chakra.
Sandstone is often called the stone of creativity. It strengthens relationships. It connects to the sacral chakra and can help you discern the truth among those around you and keep your mind clear when making decisions. The sacral...
Turquoise is a protective stone used for healing, providing strength and purification. It enhances communication between physical and spiritual realms. Turquoise connects to the throat Chakra fostering clear and honest communication from the heart.